3 Months To Product Fit Mastery.

QI Equips Top Ventures Redemptive Edge in Their Respective Industries.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of Quantum Incubator’s that clients rave about is our based training of the “Theoretical/Classroom/Module” approach. Essentially, this is the baseline of our theoretical and practical knowledge of running a successful Incubator.

Theoretical – Self Learning Modules to baseline their current understanding of the Innovation Ecosystem. This portion will cover aspects such as:

  • Understanding of Social and Societal Change
  • Political Contexts (Current World Climate)
  • Understanding of Social and Societal Change
  • Role of UN-SDGs, the tools, forums and
  • Subject matter expertise that is underpinning Social Change today

We operate from a “Practical Skills and Knowledge” perspective which are required to successfully design, launch, and run an Impact Incubator. The programme is built upon a deep examination of the following:

  • Disruptive strategy (the venture’s expression and impact in the world)
  • Innovative operations (its functions, processes, culture, and partnerships)
  • Influential leadership (the founders’ character, motives, imagination, and practices)

We assess the Metrics associated to how Founders are building their network by looking at their internal production and operation through:

  • How many interactions they have had on a weekly/monthly basis
  • How many networking events they have attended
  • How many partners/start-ups/forums they have pitched to


Inputs/Resources: Evaluating.


Processes/Activities: Applying.


Outputs/Outcomes: Constructing.


To ensure product market fit, we have established a solid framework below that helps articulate, test, and iterate any business model for start-ups to achieve their underlying goal.

Determine our targeted consumer profile – through the use of market segmentation to clearly define our client’s customer. We define attributes and characteristics of various target users, commonly referred to as “persona archetypes,” which is a great way to describe your target customer so that everyone on the product team understands for whom they are designing and building the product.

Identify the specific needs that correspond to a good market opportunity. We address the audience and customer needs that are not adequately met in order to create added value for customers.

Create an attractive value proposition. This is the essence of our strategy and would outline a plan how a product will meet customer needs. We quantify specific new features of the product to determine how it will outperform competition.

Specify the functionality for a minimum viable product. This approach is aimed at building only what is needed to create enough value for target customer to validate the desire of our product. The goal of this approach is to iterate until you have a minimum viable product that customers agree is viable.

Create a prototype. This approach helps our clients’ determine the testing of an idea before building an actual product. Show your target customers a version of your product in order to get feedback and integrate that feedback into the product. Through prototypes, consumers can have a simulated experience and interactivity to obtain critical insight.

Test the product. We use surveys and one-to-one meetings with each consumer during testing. We ask non-leading, open-ended questions to encourage insightful responses. After conducting user tests, analyze and interpret the feedback received. Identify patterns of similar feedback and prioritize any customer concerns so you can address

Our programme will provide and sustain direction in the areas of finance, capital markets, operations, strategy, business development, corporate governance and aims to:

Promote economic development and partnerships through array of business collaborations and expansion between UK, Indian start-ups,USA, Asian, African, European organisations to address UN Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) in developing countries.

Provide access for participating start-ups to thought leaders and influential organisations who mirror our passion at similar societal changes in developing countries.

Identify all issues at hand to educate both parties at how to snowball effect positive impact on the critical that business incubators contribute towards.

Provides impact driven solutions to Indian incubators to build long lasting partnerships with UK ventures. Through effectual consulting, business planning, growth strategizing, marketing plan for business development, access to financing body, shared office services, training, and conglomerate networking

Introduce both UK and Indian start-ups to distinguished Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, Entrepreneurial Associations, Large Enterprises, Celebrities, Social Media Influencers, and Government Boards to help scale and launch their businesses properly.

Cross-pollinate and promote disruptive innovation, diversification, product development collaborations among UK and Indian start-ups.

Bridge the cultural gap by finding similarities in business goals, missions, growth, and product objectives. Growth, not solely defined nor limited to both internal growth of an individual but that of its colleagues, stakeholders, and company revenue growth.

Positively contribute to the local economies through product distribution, job creation, economic diversification and market awareness that leads to improved economy conditions

Stimulate UK and Indian economy by investing in quality initiatives led by our incubator and ensure the established partnerships are profitable and investor attractive at their early stage.

QI was instrumental to the success delivery of platform development for Centrica orchestrating large number of senior stakeholders and keeping teams accountable for critical deadlines. QI is fluent with various technologies and adapts quickly when settling in new environments,

– Moad Raghie


  • 01. Clear / Societal Environmental Solution
  • 02. Evidence of Market Traction
  • 03. Strong Commitment
  • 04. Community Loyalty
  • 05. Impact at the Core



We are passionate about seeing impact change the world and need to see that same desire in you. Whilst we’ve designed our incubator to run alongside operating your start-up, it’s still an intense programme and will require a significant time commitment.


  • Introductory: £5,000 GBP in Full Upfront {or}
  • Flexible payment plan: £6,000 GBP – £2,000 Monthly

We back businesses that are committed to making big changes
happen. That is going to take a few years and a lot of resources. If you make it on our programme, there is the option of paying a fee for our services or a hybrid of half fee and 3% equity stake. We are fully committed and aligned to your success.

When you are ready for your redemptive edge, apply below: